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Carolina Driveways and More specializes in removing and replacing concrete driveways for residential customers in Charlotte, NC. We offer quality workmanship for driveway services at a fair price.

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Charlotte Concrete Driveway Services Specialist 

Our specialization in concrete driveways means we can customize our driveway services just for you. We will measure your area, factor in your preferences for shape and style and educate you on available services that could work for your project. Our ability to provide different driveway solutions gives you the freedom to choose the options that matter most. For examples of our work, check out our recent Charlotte Concrete Projects.

Driveway Replacement Options

Considering a new driveway? Carolina Driveways and More offers 3 concrete driveway solutions for customers. The differences between each of the replacement options are shown below.


Our standard is everyone else’s upgrade.

Standard Driveway

Suitable for homes with good soil types. Available under certain conditions with approval.

4" Thick Concrete

3000PSI rated concrete poured on native soil.


Requires a sub-base and soil type that is very good as the concrete is poured on native soil. 


This is recommended in situations where a customer is looking to improve the value of their home but place lesser priority on maximizing the driveway’s durability and longevity. 


This is a good option for homeowners looking to increase curb appeal of their home for resale.

Premium driveway

Great option for maximizing longevity and for most soil types we see in Charlotte 

4" Thick Concrete

4000PSI rated concrete reinforced with residential grade fiber reinforcement


Strength is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), we use 4000 PSI concrete with residential fiber reinforcement for a more durable, longer lasting product over our standard 3000 PSI.


A high-quality sub-grade preparation is included. The preparation consists of: removing additional soil, bringing in road base material, compacting the soil and base, and even using a special polymer additive to help prevent concrete cracking to give you a long-lasting product.


This option is suitable for most residential driveways we see in Charlotte.


A 1-year warranty is included.

Custom Concrete Applications

Poured to the necessary specification

4+" Thick Concrete

4000+PSI rated concrete with residential or commercial grade fiber reinforcement


Our high-quality concrete mix and high-quality sub-grade preparation is included. The preparation consists of: removing additional soil, bringing in road base material, compacting the soil and base, and even using a special polymer additive to help prevent concrete cracking to give you a long-lasting product.


Available for commercial or residential applications. We will visit you on-site to discuss your needs to ensure you will receive the correct mixture for your application


May be necessary for homeowners that have recreational vehicles parked on the driveway or for situations where a home’s soil type presents challenges.

When Selecting Driveway Services, You Can Also Consider…

Do I want a warranty? Or a decorative finish for my driveway? When selecting the driveway replacement option that is best for you, Carolina Driveways and More also suggests considering whether you want a warranty or the ability to customize your concrete driveway with a decorative finish.

Driveway Warranties

Our Premium driveways include a one year warranty. This covers cracks that are larger than 1/4″ in width. Our team will be happy to answer any questions during your consultation.

Decorative Finish Options

Carolina Driveways and More includes a standard broom finish (roughened surface) on all driveways. If a decorative finish is preferred, we also offer stamped concrete, picture frame finish (creating smooth edges on the side) or a burned-in finish (for a glass finish for a super sleek process). We do not offer concrete staining as a decorative finish at this time.

How Much Will My Driveway Cost in Charlotte?

The cost of a new driveway varies on your job site and your preferences. Carolina Driveways and More is always happy to come to your location in Charlotte, make the necessary measurements, and take into consideration all aspects of the job to give you an on-site estimate for the driveway services. If, however, you are still in the planning stages and want a ballpark quote via email we can help with that too! All of our estimates are free and you are under no obligation. The factors we consider when providing you a quote are size, sub-base requirements and driveway options.



Concrete projects jobs are priced by the area to be paved, in square feet. Accurate measurements are needed to determine the size of the job.


Sub-Base Requirements

These are determined based on the type of soil at your home as well as the condition and depth of the current sub-base.


Driveways Options

You may choose to add optional features to your driveway. These will affect the total price.

Concrete Driveway Installation: How It Works

If you are considering replacing your driveway, take a look at the timeline Carolina Driveways and More uses to pour a concrete driveway in order to better understand the process involved.

Services Consultation and Estimate

Within 24 hours of your request, we will contact you to schedule a consultation. Within 48-72 hours, you will have an estimate in hand. 

We will come out and assess your soil conditions and professionally measure the driveway. With preferences decided, Carolina Driveways and More will provide a written estimate with any design preferences noted.

For convenience, we also offer quick ballpark quotes via email to provide a rough quote, offer recommendations and answer questions you may have during the early planning stage. 

You Let us Know You are Ready to Start

When you have notified Carolina Driveways and More of your intention to proceed, we will request a signed estimate and we will provide you a written receipt along with our written driveway warranty. 50% down payment is required to begin the job with the balance paid upon completion of the project.

Concrete Services Project Scheduling

Projects are placed into the production schedule based on your preference for dates and our existing bookings. Most projects kick-off within 7-14 days. Should weather or other issues alter the schedule you will be notified proactively.

Permits and Safety

Carolina Driveways and More follows code and safety best practices. Any necessary permits will be pulled and precautions are taken (including locating and marking utilities) prior to beginning your project.

Project Kickoff – Get Ready to Rip and Replace

Carolina Driveways and More will notify you one or two days in advance of our crew’s start time on the first day of the project so you can prepare.


The demolition of your existing driveway and haul away usually takes one full day and will consist of ripping and removing the old paving. We will be excavating as needed in preparation for any new sub-base that will be added. Any removed material will be hauled away for recycling.

Day 2-3 - LET'S POUR

With the scope of most projects, the concrete for a driveway will typically take one day (possibly two).

Day 4-7 - Let It Rest

Curing is critical to the long-term durability of your concrete project. We advise our customers to keep vehicles and heavy equipment off the new concrete for 3-5 days. Depending on weather conditions, you’ll be free to walk on the space the next day. 

next 2-4 weeks

We typically advise our clients to wait a full 2-4 weeks before parking vehicles on the new driveway. Since weather conditions and the scope of the project could play a factor, our team will advise you as to how long our recommendation is for your project prior to parking. You will be able to drive over the surface after the initial curing but advised to park on the street or in your garage until a couple of weeks have passed.

Now... you can Enjoy!

Other Concrete Services

We love building driveways but our expertise extends beyond the entry path that welcomes you home which is why we are Carolina Driveways and More. 

A range of residential concrete services such as patios, walkways, extensions, and custom concrete projects are in our wheelhouse so if you have a residential concrete need beyond driveway services, we’d be happy to chat. Contact us today.

Driveway Services in Charlotte NC

Is Your Charlotte Neighborhood Over 15 Years Old?

Charlotte’s rapid growth is turning many older neighborhoods within the city limits and beyond into prime spots for buying and selling.

Driveways in many of these Charlotte neighborhoods are suffering from cracks and lifting due to aging. Real estate agents in these areas will tell you there’s nothing like a freshly paved driveway to improve the appearance and value of a home. If you want to decide for yourself whether it is time to replace your existing driveway, you can also take our New Driveway Assessment.

If you’ve already decided to install a new driveway as an affordable home improvement project, take a look at the Charlotte Concrete Projects we’ve worked on so you can see just how much a new driveway can transform your property’s curb appeal.